Our seminars are characterized by current and practical topics, qualified speakers, carefully compiled seminar handouts as well as support and their specific focus on foreign financial institutions.

Because of the comments from you we have noticed that the relevant continuing education and training topics have become more differentiated in terms of content. You will find more English-language seminars in this year’s programme and also see new topics prominently covered. For many employees of the institutions, there are legal obligations in the areas of banking supervision, anti-money laundering, compliance, data protection and reporting to undergo further and advanced training. We want to mention these training obligations for our association members as completely as possible.

Due to the Corona pandemic, we have currently switched our seminars completely to online seminars. Although some people have told us that they miss the face-to-face format, it has to be said that we now have a higher number of participants than before. In due course, we will also offer face-to-face events again (you can find our hygiene concept for face-to-face events here) as soon as this is possible and makes sense again.

We are pleased to present the following seminar schedule for the year of 2022 and 2023:

Seminar - Unverbindliche Platzreservierung

Seminare in Planung (Unverbindliche Platzreservierung für spezifische Seminare)

Die nachfolgend aufgeführten Seminare befinden sich in der Planung. Sie haben die Möglichkeit einer unverbindlichen Platzreservierung. Programmänderungen bleiben vorbehalten.

Ihre Platzreservierung ist für Sie kostenlos und verpflichtet Sie nicht, sich später verbindlich anzumelden. Sie werden direkt per E-Mail zu den jeweiligen Seminaren kontaktiert, sobald die Einladung mit dem genauen Datum und den einzelnen Programmpunkten und Themenbereichen veröffentlicht wird.

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