Funds and Asset Management

For decades investment companies have enriched Germany’s financial position. They offer a wide product and service range which appeals to private as well as to institutional investors, such as insurance or pension companies, private companies and the public sector.

Due to their networking and their expertise of local markets abroad, foreign investment companies can considerably expand the investment possibilities of German clients. Especially when it deals with tailored products or with regionally difficult accessible investments. The offer extends from open ended funds to individually designed special funds, which are issued according to German as well as foreign law.

As large amounts of fund areas are closely regulated to detailed European guidelines, German investors profit from a comparably high investor protection level. Permanent developments ensure that the German fund location remains continuously attractive, for instance, by offering German investors a private provision for their retirement. The management companies itselfs are supervised by BaFin or – in case of an EEA branch – by the home member state authority.

The Association of Foreign Banks in Germany

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